Healthy Thai Soup Make Your Day

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We all know that Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest food all over the world you can eat. Some of the Thai dishes are currently under scientific study for their incredible health benefits. It’s already known that many of the fresh herbs and spices used in Thai cooking such as turmeric, galangal, coriander, lemongrass, and fresh chilies. Thai cuisine is loaded with fresh veggies and spices.

Healthy soup menu by Royal Thai. We serve the soup with natural ingredients.

Tom Yam Kai:

We serve the Spicy and sour chicken soup with coriander and mushrooms.  Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Thai Chicken Coconut Soup based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient.

Tom Yam Koong

We serve spicy and sour shrimps soup with coriander and mushrooms. It is a herb that is particularly useful in treating stomach issues, cough, and even heart disease with its antibacterial properties.

Gaeng thud woonsen

We serve noodles soup with minced chicken and vegetables.

Kaow laow neua

We serve Beef soup with bean sprouts and celery.  It reduces blood pressure and hypertension, helps to ease digestive discomfort

Poh taek

We serve Spicy and sour seafood soup with coriander and mushrooms.

Tom Kha kai

We serve Spicy and cour chicken soup with coconut milk, corinader, and mushrooms. This soup make with rich and dynamic flavors.

Tom Kha Koong

We serve Spicy and sour shrimps soup with coconut milk, coriander, and mushrooms. This delicious dish is a great way to enjoy it. We use the traditional Tom Kha ingredients to make it taste authentic, nourishing.

Kieum Nam

We serve Thai pastry with minced chicken soup.

Tom Kha talee

We serve Spicy and sour seafood soup with coconut milk, coriander, and mushrooms.

Taste the delicious Soup in Royal Thai. Make your day and health perfect with healthy soup. A warm bowl of soup can hit the spot on a cold day. Your friends and family can happily enjoy a variety of flavorful soups.


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Amazing Benefits of Thai Food


Thai foods are undoubtedly delicious and, but some of them can also be quite healthy for you.  Check out some amazing health benefits is Thai food.  The ingredients used, such as fresh herbs and spices, are great for the immune system and disease fighting power. Thai cuisine which uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

Use of Vegetables

Almost all the thai food contain fresh vegetables and many healthy ingredients. Also, extra vegetable will be served as a side dish. Vegetables are good for our healthy. Taste the health and delicious thai food. Tom yum soup is packed with flavor from lime, chiles, galangal, and lemongrass.


We all know that the thai food is cooked quickly on a high heat. This holds a significant part of the decency and flavor. Little oil is used in the cooking of Thai stir fried dishes.

Low Sugar and Salt

Thai chefs experts utilize characteristic sugars, for example, palm sugar. This has a lower GI than basic refined sugars and furthermore gives a progressively extreme taste. Also, Thai cooks don’t utilize normal salt. Saltiness is accomplished by including fish sauce which is loaded with protein, nutrients and minerals.

Less Hidden Fats

Thai food doesn’t utilize dairy items thus the dishes will in general incorporate less concealed fats from fixings like spread and cream.

Also, Many ingredients used in Thai cuisine have health benefits. Here are some examples:

Coriander: Its Contain  Iron and both Vitamin A and C, it’s a great nutritional value. Coriander helps with digestive problems.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk and oil contain fat. but this is good, not bad fat. Its help to modulates the metabolic functions, and boosts immunity.

Lemongrass: It’s valuable to headache, cold, fevers, arthritis, fungal conditions & help with digestion as well.

Make you health and enjoy thai food in Royal Thai restaurant.


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Food Thought For Special Occasion

“Think!!! When deliciousness jumping into your mouth.”

Make your party more joyable by adding up some new variety in the party’s menu. Thai food has amazing ingredients which will never be forgotten by your guests. Most of us know these days about thai food.
It can be difficult to go to eat outside with your guests and have some dinner at the late night. Represent a party at home by order food online or by arrange some catering services which helps to feel you relax in your party without arranging food.

Relish your party same as your guests without to doing anything. Catering services helps to sustain you calm and make happier in your party. Enjoy dinner with your friends or relative.


The speciality of thai food is known by everyone due to it spreads throughout the world. Because the good side of the food is only Thai food.

“Occasions are the best and most memorable part of our life. Which we should not miss in our life.”

There are a lot of delicious thai food around the world. Most of the people think that thai food is too delicious. There are one top “thaise restaurant in Amsterdam” who helps to prove your thoughts right about the taste of thai food.


A typical family restaurant is in Amsterdam. Don’t try to miss out and choose thai restaurant to celebrate your occasion which is one of the best spot for great celebration in Amsterdam.

Here, Online een tafel reserveren amsterdam service, catering services, and home delivery services are available.

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Special Thai Food At Thaise Restaurant Amsterdam

Want to eat yummy Thai food? Don’t get upset when Royal Thai is here for you!

Royal Thai is a family restaurant and specially famous for our thai food in Amsterdam. We have over 13 years of experience in the service industry. Our goal is to provide great food and services to our customers in a comfortable and friendly manner. You can make your events more remember-able by adopting our catering services. We serves variety of thai dishes for foodies.
Our dishes are made with high quality ingredients and original sauces. Every dish is made fresh and we brought it to you promptly.




It is grilled duck fillet with thai fruits which are mixed in red curry and coconut milk.


This food is made with fried seafood and thai vegetables in red curry paste.


Steamed shrimps with yummy vermicelli and vegetables which are stir in soya sauce.


Nam Tok is made with grilled steak which are marinated with spicy thai sauce.


LAAP is a chopped chicken salad in thai spicy sauce.


It is a special mildly steamed shrimps in thai red curry paste. This dish takes 45 minutes for the preparation.


It is a special mildly steamed chicken in delicious thai red curry paste. This dish takes 45 minutes for the preparation.


It is a special mildly steamed fish in thai red curry paste. This dish takes 45 minutes for the preparation.

You can reserve your table online also. Royal Thai is located in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 94. We will serve food according to your taste. Let us give us a chance to serve you the best thai food in Amsterdam.

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Special Birthday Present for B’Day Boy! Get 25% to 100% Discount

Birthday night is important for everyone. With the poured drinks and Thai food you can make perfect celebration.

We are here to reduce your stress for birthday planning. Whether you are looking for great eating place for a birthday meal get together. Your birthday is special for our restaurant. Our staff and chefs are prepared hard to make your birthday memorable.

Doesn’t matter its your 10th birthday or 50th birthday. Its our responsibility to nail it. Special birthday present for b’day boy/girl.

We are come with an unbelievable discount. Hold your breath. Check out our exclusive discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 1 friend than he/she gets 25% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 2 friends than he/she gets 50% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 3 friends than he/she gets 75% discount.

If birthday boy/girl comes with 4 friends than he/she gets 100% discount.

This special gift for b’day boy/girl. Enjoy your thai meal. There is so much variety of dishes, it’s undeniable that Royal Thai is the best birthday party place. So now, what are you waiting for, bring your friends, parents and even grand parents. Book your table now.

Birthday offers.jpg

There are no more exciting place to celebrate your birthday than Royal Thai , Let’s get this night thrilling. Everyone with a birthday and a group of at least three paying guests will be treated with great pleasure to a free.

Does the birthday boy come with a smaller group? Then you still get the discount. See you on your birthday!

Your birthday comes once a year, don’t miss this opportunity.

Believe us your special day is not only special for you. It’ s more special for us.

Birthday today? Celebrate it together with us!

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Follow Safety Rules While Cooking In Kitchen

Firstly, you have to be particular about each and everything that you are going to use for making your dishes in the kitchen. Use if and only if you use to with the kitchen equipment. Is this your first time in the kitchen? If yes, then take advice from the expert person in the home who completely use to with all the kitchen equipment.


There are few safety rules that you should follow during the cooking process that are as follows:

What Should You Wear? Be cautions of clothing & other accessories:

An apron is the first thing that you must wear before to cook the food. Don’t wear anything that’s big or loose clothes. Keep long hair tied back. Never wear dangling type jewelry. Also, avoid wearing a bracelet due to sometimes it just tangled with around the pot handles.

Store knives in a wooden block:

Knives are very dangerous and necessary part of the kitchen. Keep it away from the child and keep stores it into some wooden blocks and at some far places where child are not able to reach easily.

Wash your hands before cooking & after cooking:

Don’t forget to wash your hands before to cook the food. With this your dishes make hygiene and will be edible without any germs which will be helpful to keep healthy to your body. Same wash your hand after making the food. So, that chilli and all other powders remove from your hand without effecting your skin.

Fire extinguisher is the most necessary gadget in your kitchen:

Fire extinguisher is very important to keep safe to your kitchen. For making sure that you know how to use this fire extinguisher before a fire breaks out.

Don’t set a glass dish on a wet or cold surface:

As all people know that lass is pre-heated oven, microwave, freezer and other dishwasher safe. Glass will shatter if you put cold oven glass into the pre heated temperature is too hot.

Don’t let temperature-sensitive foods sit out in the kitchen:

As we know, raw material, fish and other diary products can spoil quickly, they need to store in a freezer at the right time.

Clean Kitchen Immediately:

Clean-up your kitchen immediately. So, that no one slip and falls if you remain to keep your floor dry.

Cooking is fun, but kitchen safety is the foremost priority. There are many kitchen equipments and environmental hazards that can be extremely dangerous. So, use them carefully, and children should never leave them alone in the kitchen.

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Curious Food That Students Always Eaten

Curious food that students always eaten

Students are totally thoughtless while they are going to give order for food. Most of the people blames their budgets, whether some of them claim to their short period of time. Behind, reason should be whatever but still we should consider that meals as a warning for our health with some taste buds. So, enjoy the thai food with best selection of thaise dishes and student should avoid to select the worst meal ever.

Rice and Noodle Dishes:

As we know, rice noodles have maximum calories. It consists a little fat and thai rice and noodle dishes cooked with eggs, vegetables, chicken, shrimps, cashew nuts, tofu, onion, broccoli, basil. Rice with thai noodle dishes consists proteins with high in the vitamin B, and in vitamin E. Students love to eat this soft rice noodle dish due to high amount of egg consists in this.

Popular Pork Dish:

Mainly, this dish is cooked with onions, mushrooms, peppers, chilli, bamboo, green beans, basil leaves, vegetables, and it is sweet and sour in taste. This thai pork stir is incredible, budget-friendly and super healthy.


Students like to eat soup as compare to other foods. The eating soup will help to cut calories at meals. Most of the people like the way to eat it in the bowl with a spoon is very different and good way to finish sip by sip.

Chicken With Cashew:

Make dinner delicious with chicken. It is one of the best dish which is like by most of the students. Even in any party or function, they mostly prefer to eat chicken with cashew nuts and broccoli.

Starters Of Meat:

Starters of meat enjoyed by the students in the party when they going on hangover with their friends. It is generally, cooked with stuffed with minced chicken, glass noodles and vegetables or marinated shrimps or fish cookies, prepared with red curry paste.

Other Snacks and Ice-cream:

It comes under sweet and savory is trending.People have even started dipping chips in milkshakes. However, mixing frozen and cooked seems like it could be taking things to the next level.

Students are getting all meal diet, and they want to try some new and scrumptious dishes every day.
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